What's New?

This page lists any new developments or activities related to the Flying A. Check back from time to time and feel free to contact us with information to post.

The Hidden Treasure

An incomplete 16mm print of the 1912 split-reel film THE HIDDEN TREASURE has been discovered and digitized. Copyright fragment frames have been used to confirm that all but the final scene are represented in the print. The fragments also indicate that there are gaps within the scenes causing the occasional jump-cut but the narrative is intact. The print reveals that Ben Turpin worked briefly for American in Chicago.

Special Collections

UCSB Special Collections continues to catalog and scan glass negatives shot by American's studio photo department between late 1916 and 1919. The work put on line so far can be accessed at

Silent Filmmaking in Santa Barbara

Also, Robert Birchard's illuminating new book, SILENT FILMMAKING IN SANTA BARBARA is now available from Arcadia Publishing. Bob has assembled many wonderful photographs from studio life at the Flying A.